It’s easy when you’ve just encountered the heaviest rainfall yesterday and call your reliable Guelph roofing contractor immediately for possible repairs. However, if the spring and summer passed without any strong rain, you might find yourself having problems finding a reason to call them for a simple inspection.

Roof repairs are also expensive endeavors — we understand this. However, roofing inspections remain free for most contractors in Guelph. However, if you’d like to perform your own observations to save time and money, here are some signs that can help you see whether you need immediate roof repairs.

Bent, Misshapen and Missing Tiles

Asphalt shingles have an average lifespan of 25-30 years. Alternatively, clay tiles and metal roofs have over 50-70 years of effective residential protection. However, both asphalt shingles and clay tiles can go missing right after a strong rain or windstorm. While a simple shingle or tile replacement can solve them, it might be better to have them repaired in some cases.

For example, bent or misshapen tiles are indications your roof material is nearing the end of its lifespan. Therefore, it might be better to have professional contractors inspect it to help you find the best course of action whether to repair or replace them.

Too Dirty or Too Moisty

If your asphalt shingles or tiles are trapping moisture, then it’s possible their waterproofing capabilities have been compromised due to old age or lack of maintenance. All asphalt shingles and clay tiles prevent moisture from entering your home. They moment they allow this is indicative of their loss of efficiency and capability.

The best course of action is to clean them or replace the moisty areas with asphalt shingles or clay tile bundles. However, this might be a more expensive option that has guaranteed results. Therefore, contacting your roofing contractor will help you see the clear picture when it comes to your roof.

Your Gutters Have a Brown and Black Color

Gutters save properties from devastating foundational damage due to moisty soil. If your gutters have a brown or black color, it’s possible your asphalt shingle or clay tile granules have begun to slowly erode. While this is natural even for roofs just about five years old, excessive brown or black-colored gutter water is a sign that it’s time to replace your aging roof immediately.

Natural But Devastating Wear and Tear

Over time, even the best-manufactured asphalt shingles and clay tiles will get compromised and have reduced performance. Regular roofing maintenance helps prevent natural but devastating wear and tear at bay. However, old age will definitely make even repairs a moot point to consider when it comes to your roof’s performance.

Attic Leaking After Rainstorms

Perhaps the clearest sign of needing to repair or replace your roofs is seeing your attic dripping with plenty of compromised areas. A heavy rainstorm will introduce roof leaking that requires your attention immediately. However, you can simulate a heavy rainstorm by running your garden hose across the roof with water and observing if there are leaks to address.

A Roof Existing For More Than 25 Years

Remember, most roofing materials live only up to 25-30 years old. If your roof is already beyond this age, consider having it replaced instead of repaired. Ask your reliable Guelph roofer such as Turbo Roofing to help you see the best action to take.