Quarantine season feels like an excellent time to learn new skills. Furthermore, the lengthy time makes it possible to learn professional skills along the way. However, as professional roofers in Guelph, we highly recommend against learning professional level roofing.

Most roofing equipment are available for homeowners across Guelph. However, it takes proper training and certification to use these tools. Furthermore, you’ll be facing a huge amount of challenges, such as these we have listed below.

It’s Expensive

Pry bars, hammers, nails, and ladders are not the only tools you’ll need to provide exceptional roofing for your roof. You’ll need scaffolding, nailguns, safety goggles, gloves, and an exceptional set of knives and roofing nails of different sizes.

Furthermore, if you fail to perform your repairs or replacements properly, you’ll need to spend for another batch of materials. Additionally, without any academic measure of skill that instructors or certifiers can provide, you can’t improve your skills further even with the length of time you try to learn roofing.

Zero Prior Experience

A single asphalt shingle replacement is challenging, but any homeowner can do it. With your spare asphalt shingle, head up to your roof, use roofing nails, and lock the material in place. However, going up the ladder is a skill in itself — for some Guelph homeowners, it can cause nausea and disorientation.

If the stairs do not induce this, standing on a sloping surface will. Roofs have high-slopes, which can introduce disorientation. Worse, you might step on roofing shingles and accidentally break them. This scenario makes your DIY roofing more expensive — and it’s all due to lack of experience.

Problematic Repairs

Roofers in Guelph have long-term experience in providing top-quality repairs, which means they can perform post-roof inspections and observations that ensure your roof has the longest lifespan and capacity to provide protection.

Unfortunately, this scenario might look like trial and error for homeowners who are performing roofing repairs and replacements for the first time. Certification courses align roofers towards their manufacturer’s installation checks. In doing so, their skills improve in this aspect and zero in on the problems without waiting for them to happen.

You Are Prone to Accidents and Diseases

Roofing requires exceptional protective equipment against possible accidents. Roofers wear harnesses and use scaffolding to avoid these problems. When clearing roofs of debris, moss, and algae, roofers use N95 masks and goggles to prevent spores and bacteria from entering their bodies.

These safety equipment are essential when they’re clearing attics and spore-ridden roofing structures as well.

Alternatives to Roof Repairs

If you can’t do professional roofing but are stuck at home with a leaky roof, here are a few solutions that can work for now — at least until the quarantine is lifted.

Tarpaulin Covering

Hardware stores can supply you with tarpaulin that can cover a wide expanse of your roof. In doing so, you won’t need to spend so much time on your roof. You can use heavy rocks to keep the tarpaulin in place and prevent the rain from causing leaks in your home.

Using Sealant Tapes and Spare Shingles

Sealant tapes and spare shingles can help in preventing leakage from causing further water damage inside your property. You can also use caulk to seal leaks with asphalt shingles.

Always make sure to work with certified roofers, such as Turbo Roofing, to guarantee the best results for all your needs. Contact us today!