At one point, everyone in Guelph and the rest of the world saw roofing as a fun and rewarding activity. Homeowners mostly took up the challenge of determining their roof’s situation. Then, they would follow a series of instructions that help them get their roof fixed in no time. While it looks impressive, most reality shows that put home DIY in a positive light (along with the numerous Internet articles and instructions that followed) did not show the job of contractors and additional hands that went through the trouble of renovating the entire property.

unfinished slate roof tile roof

The DIY craze left many properties with unfinished roofing projects encouraging them to call in roofers from all over the country.

In turn, the DIY inspiration became apparent with many homeowners and property owners. The results involved numerous professional Guelph roofers and other roofing professionals across the country. Most of the problems they dealt with: incomplete projects, worsened roofing conditions, destroyed residential property roof foundations, and other highly-detrimental issues that will have fared well with the help of professional roofers at an earlier time.

The Internet is a vast repository of roofing instructions. Anyone who has enough time can use YouTube and other similar platforms to tear down their old roof and put up a new one. However, professional roofers have already taken their time. Furthermore, having access to better learning material, practical exam applications, and actual work experience, they can do a better job. They’re an investment in the right place — unless you’re passionate about roofing.

DIY roofing is hazardous for the following reasons:


Homeowners downplay safety. They have a ladder, they head up their high-sloped roof, and believe they need to pry out their old asphalt shingle and attach a new one. However, many homeowners have suffered severe vertigo heading up to their roof, which led to undesirable consequences. Additionally, they forget the logistics of hauling heavy equipment to their roof and forcing a ladder to endure the stress and weight of it all, which leads to dangerous consequences.

Professional roofers use harnesses and scaffolding to prevent themselves from falling. Additionally, it allows them to work on areas with poor or impossible footing. In doing so, they can concentrate on providing proper repairs rather than only their safety.

Voided Warranties

Roofing material manufacturers train and certify professional roofers because they’ve passed their critical manufacturing examinations. In doing so, homeowners can trust them to know about the roofing material and provide excellent repairs or full-on, flawless roofing installation. Homeowners have not taken these certification exams and have zero applied knowledge. Performing DIY on their roof, they will void their warranty, and fast.

To avoid voiding your warranty (which is a danger to your budget), you must prioritize using professional roofing contractors certified to conduct repairs and replacements on your roof. Additionally, these certification programs prevent unscrupulous groups of no-knowledge, scamming roofers from entering your doorstep, and attempting to con you.

In this light, always make sure you’re working with certified and capable roofers such as Turbo Roofing for all your roofing maintenance and repair needs. DIY is just too dangerous both for your health and your wallet.