Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to shop around online stores and eCommerce websites for stuff you need. Furthermore, you can even find roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles and corrugated metal roof panels, from online sellers. Even better is it’s about 50-70% lower than the price of local manufacturers and distributors.

However, you’re actually taking an extremely huge risk trusting online roofing material sellers that renowned manufacturers and Guelph roofers do not recognize. Here are five convincing reasons never to buy roofing materials online.

You’re Talking To an Unverified Reseller

Most online stores are unverified resellers. They’re dependable to an extent. If you need simple table knick-knacks or bootleg posters, many online resellers are excellent sources. Alternatively, if you are buying artworks from the private eCommerce stores of their creators, that’s exceedingly trustworthy.

However, no online seller can manufacture roofing materials of high quality similar to Certainteed, IKO, or Malarkey roofing products. Additionally, they can’t even provide you with any information about their manufacturing processes too.

Product Integrity is Highly Questionable

As a result, the product’s quality is problematic. You can purchase a seemingly-excellent roofing product thanks to its high-resolution picture. However, once the product arrives, you might wonder why you see brittle asphalt shingles instead of the perceived high-quality product in the advertisement.

Online-sold roofing materials might appear pleasant even after arriving at your doorstep. However, you can expect your new bundle of asphalt shingles or corrugated metal roofing to show some deterioration and problems during its first three months.

No Warranties

Overseas distributors could get away with their poor service because you’ll need to spend a fortune to chase after them if you bought a faulty product. Additionally, you won’t want to spend more than $1,000 to pursue justice for being duped purchasing a $200 three-bundle pack of asphalt shingles.

Truth be told, we believe that buying roofing materials from unknown and unrecognized online merchants is never worth it. You’ll be saving yourself plenty of time, money, and disappointment.

Any Roofer Wouldn’t Want To Use Them

Turbo Roofing and other renowned Guelph roofers work with reputable roofing material manufacturers because it improves our integrity as professional roofers. Using the best materials that the best labor can install guarantees homeowners a property that can last for decades. However, using sub-par roofing material you sourced from unverified online stores will make a huge negative mark on our capabilities if it fails within the next few months.

If you want to test the efficiency of these roofing materials, it will be best to install them yourself. However, roofing is dangerous, and to risk your life for just a small discount is never ever worth it.

It’s Just a Really Bad Investment Despite Any Situation

It’s the quarantine season, and you’ve forgotten to contact your roofing contractor in Guelph about your maintenance needs. It’s been three months, and you’re worried about your roof’s condition. Trust us when we say that if you aren’t seeing leaks and cracks in your attic and the insulation still feels good, you won’t need to buy roofing materials from online stores.

Once the quarantine period ends, you can contact us at Turbo Roofing to have your roof repaired immediately. Call today!