Flat Roofing

Have you noticed the amount of flat roofing Guelph is using in the new estates?

Not much. And it’s hard to see why. Flat roofing is functional, low-maintenance, and it looks slick.

Plus, it’s more affordable than people think.

We aim to educate our community about flat roofing for your home. So let’s look at why a flat roof might appeal to your family.

3 Reasons It Could Be Right For You

A value-adding argument for the flat roof is that it expands the useable area of your home. You can use it as a summer deck, or to create more overhead space in an attic.

  • Proven Benefits

  • Expert Installation

  • Easy Maintenance

Guelph Emergency Flat Roofing

As your local Guelph flat roofing company, we know the value of getting your roof done right. Our cold winters (and way too short summers) mean that a quality installation requires efficiency. We manage an effective installation service and communicate with our clients so you know your investment is in safe hands. Flat roofing Guelph homes is what we do, and we take it seriously.

Our Choice of Manufacturers

We offer warranties on our Certainteed asphalt shingles.

Ask us about our available options with Owens Corning shingles.

Guelph Flat Roofing Estimates

Guelph flat roof systems have moved on to tougher materials than we used in the past, which gives your flat roof greater durability. What does this mean for you? It stands up better to wear and tear and harsh weather.

Another major plus to flat roofing is that you’re more likely to get up there and spot an issue before it becomes a problem. Spotted an issue but you’re not the DIY type? If you’re living in Guelph flat roof repair is easy. Call our team and let us see you through it.

Installed by professionals and given some TLC over the years, flat roofing has a lifespan of 25 years. If it’s caught your eye, flat roofing Guelph homes is a Turbo Roofing specialty. We’re here to help you.