Guelph homes will want to save money in any way possible. Thanks to modern technology, they can cut down utility bills by performing property insulations effectively. However, your home developer has optimized your house for exceptional energy cost-cutting with high-quality insulation. However, your monthly bill tells you otherwise.

It’s difficult to maximize the insulation of any house. On the other hand, this list will help you see the most common places you can improve insulation with a simple solution.

Check for Air Drafts in All Areas of Your Home

Stand in different areas and corners of your home. Then, observe if the temperature changes within five minutes. If it does, small cracks are likely to let the air inside your property. These force you to use higher settings on your thermostat, which drives up your utility costs.

You can seal up cracks using a simple caulk gun spread. Once the chemical hardens and cures, you have just created the airtight seal of your Guelph home.

Attic and Roof Inspections During Daytime

The roof contributes about 25% of insulation for properties. Your roofing material can reflect UV rays with its trusty acrylic paint and color. Furthermore, top-quality roofing material and installations ensure that your attic will not suffer from any possible leaks. However, if your roof has gone past the age of ten recently, you’ll want to inspect your attic for any daylight penetration.

If you find any daylight going through your attic, it will significantly affect your insulation. When the rainy season comes, they’ll be a significant cause of water damage too.

Curtains During Sundown

They’re beautiful adornments that offer great interior aesthetics for your property. However, aside from their function to create private spaces for the property’s entirety, curtains are another layer of air must pass from your window. Therefore, drawing them out from sundown until the next morning will give you better property insulation and reduced heating or cooling.

Furthermore, the thicker your curtain, the better it can deliver insulation too. And yes, it can do well even if your windows are doing a great job helping insulation through rubber seals and double glazing.

Reducing Furniture Temperature Absorption

If you set your sofa near the air-conditioning unit, its mass will take up every bit of cooling the machine provides. Dense and soft furniture with its cloth and mattress absorbs the highest levels of temperature in any room. To avoid this, make sure they’re not in the path of your air-conditioning units and heaters.

In doing so, you guarantee the proper spread of temperature in your rooms, which helps in improving the overall internal temperature of your property.

Check Windows and Doors

Lastly, if your windows and doors have rubber seals that have turned brittle due to age, you’ll need to replace them. Soft backer rods are similar to spray polyurethane foam, but you can apply them without any specified equipment. They’ll expand and create airtight seals that pass smoothly when you open and close your doors and windows.

Improving your property’s insulation depends significantly on your roof too. If you need effective repairs or replacements to improve your roof’s condition, you can always count on us at Turbo Roofing. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.