It’s one of the most dreaded questions that homeowners have to ask themselves at some point: when is the right time to have my roof replaced? Truthfully, you’ll need to replace your roof when you see water damages inside your home right after a massive storm. Furthermore, if your roof is old because you’re living in a house more than 50 years old, it’s time to consider replacing your roof as soon as possible.

However, what if your roof only suffered minor damages during a previous day’s storm wherein you saw a few missing shingles during the inspection? Is it worth replacing the entire lot because, at this point, you can’t determine the actual lifespan of your roof because it has a different sum of all of its parts?

The answer is yes, dependent on a few caveats. A thorough roofing inspection by reputable Guelph roofers is a significant contributor (not to mention the easiest) way to determine whether your roof requires repair services or a complete replacement. With advanced testing procedures, they can quickly identify the overall condition of your roof.

However, before you call them, you can take a visual inspection just from the ground — no need to climb high ladders. If you find that moss is growing on your roof, it’s an indication that your roofing materials have weakened. Asphalt shingles and clay and slate tiles are often victims of growing moss on roofs. Furthermore, molds, algae, and mildew roots reduce the integrity of your roofing material.

Next, if you have a vast number of roofing tiles or shingles that have become missing right after a rain, hail, or windstorm, then it’s a sign to replace your roof immediately and thoroughly. Buying replacement shingles to repair your roof is pointless. Replacing a new roof is as equivalent as having a complete roof tear-off and replacement.

Perhaps the most significant sign that you need to have your roof replaced is to know your roof’s age.

Asphalt shingle roofs often have 25-30 years of exceptional roofing service, with its last two years showing symptoms that requires material replacement.

Clay and slate tiles have an excellent lifespan that spans up to 70 years. However, during the last five years of its lifespan, you might find moss growing on your roof. Furthermore, hairline fractures and cracks on different tiles and surfaces are common at its age. Even with consistent roofing inspection and maintenance, it’s worth replacing your clay and slate tile roofs when they reach their age of retirement.

Metal roofing is a highly coveted roofing material that can last for centuries. However, in its last ten years, the roof will start to rust and corrode because its zinc or aluminum coating has disappeared. The exposed steel core won’t last for more than a decade. In turn, it’s imperative to have it replaced within the last 5-10 years of its lifespan.

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