All homeowners and Guelph roofers believe in the durability and exceptional capability of metal roofs. However, metal is still an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. In this light, you might find your home a bit hotter than usual with metal roofs, especially if you’re shifting from asphalt shingles or clay tiles.

While it does involve additional infrastructural investment to improve your property’s overall internal temperature, the decades of protection your metal roof can provide will remain priceless always. Whether you plan to DIY these or use a reliable Guelph roofer, here are five efficient ways you can reduce the heat metal roofs emit.

Improve Property Insulation

Metal roofs aren’t the only parts of your home absorbing heat. The overall exterior property materials of your walls, windows, and doors contribute to the heat absorption, which affects your interior temperatures. To prevent this, it’s important to upgrade your interior insulation, use double-glazed windows, and other areas.

Most remodelers and insulation specialists can help you find areas where air drafts enter your property and seal them off efficiently. Furthermore, attic insulation helps reduce the heat emissions that metal roofs absorb.

Use Attic Fans

The principle of insulation and heat absorption is simple: the absorbed heat has nowhere to go. In doing so, it radiates inside the attic and makes its way into your living quarters through its wood and concrete materials. By adding attic fans, it will serve as an exhaust that reduces interior heating in your attic into the environment.

If you have excellent interior insulation that spans the entirety of your attic, fans that serve as exhaust will do an excellent job in reducing the heat radiating inside your home.

Add a Ridge Vent

Ridge vents are an additional accessory to use along with attic fans. With these vents, you can quickly siphon the heat accumulating inside your home outward. You might need to work with a professional Guelph roofer to successfully install a ridge vent on your roof in the least amount of time and resources possible.

Use Acrylic Elastomeric Paint

The best thing about metal roofs — and how it can last for decades — is acrylic elastomeric paint. It removes the natural sheen that galvanized, galvalumed, aluminum, or copper roofs have. Next, it delivers an additional layer that grants metal roofs another protective layer that protects it from rust and corrosion. Lastly, acrylic elastomeric paint protects the roof against absorbing UV rays — the main culprits of transmitting heat into your home.

Have Solar Panels On Your Metal Roof

Combining everything we’ve listed above, installing solar panels on your roof is a great option to consider. Installing these will help increase your maximum electricity avaiability and preserve or improve internal room temperatures at the same time too. Furthermore, panels are an additional protection for your metal roofs as well.

If you’re planning any metal roof installations, repairs, or repalcements, you can count on Turbo Roofing to deliver the quality of roofing you need. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.