In Guelph, homeowners use metal roofing for their residence to find its long-term roofing protective capabilities astounding and worthy of their investment. Any Guelph roofer will agree, especially if the homeowner has agreed to use an acrylic elastomeric coating to upgrade the roof’s appeal and protection.

Contrary to popular belief, an acrylic elastomeric coating isn’t similar to paint. These are polymer solutions that have the same viscosity and characteristics as paint. It’s easily applicable to many metal roofs, helping preserve its lifespan and long-term durability.

Polymers That Act As a Secondary Protective Layer

Acrylic technology reached new heights in the 50s when polymers combined seamlessly with waterborne emulsion. In this light, an acrylic elastomeric coating is polymers specially-made for protecting roofs by deflecting moisture and slightly adding to its density.

The coating is more than just colored house paint. It will not turn brittle and crack under the consistent heat of the sun. However, it isn’t as thick as flat-roof membranes, which makes them exceptional added protection on your metal roofs.

Reflect UV Rays

Thanks to its additional thickness and capability, the acrylic elastomeric coating reduces the UV rays metal roofs absorb directly in their absence. Ultraviolet light accelerates the degradation and weakening of metal roofing material.

Additionally, it reduces the glare that most metal roofs have. Shiny corrugated or standing seam metal roof is beautiful from the curb, but its glare can be troublesome for neighbors and even the homeowners themselves.

Improve Property Insulation

When you use UV-reflective acrylic elastomeric coating, you reduce the heat absorption it receives too. Property insulation also depends on the heat amount metal roofs absorb. Thankfully, acrylic elastomeric coating reflects both UV and the sun’s heat –about 85% of it — away from the property.

In doing so, property owners can save so much money from HVAC bills by lowering the thermostat. Furthermore, the high-quality, airtight seamless membrane of acrylic elastomeric coating guarantees zero risks of leaks during rainstorms.

Provides an Exceptional Curb Appeal Improvement

Corrugated and standing seam metal roofs have a flawless, smooth, and glossy texture when it’s freshly installed. If you’re not intimidated by its glare, it does give your property a unique curb appeal. However, its long-term and consistent exposure to the sun will accelerate its degradation.

With acrylic elastomeric coating, you’ll sacrifice the glossy texture of metal roofs to have one that has a prolonged lifespan and durability. The vast choice of acrylic elastomeric colors makes it easy to adapt your metal roof’s style to your existing property.

Affordably Renewable Prolonging Your Metal Roof Lifespan

Acrylic elastomeric coating is similar to single-ply flat roofing membranes. However, one significant difference is its installation; you can use a paint roller to apply an acrylic elastomeric coating. Furthermore, this makes elastomeric coating repairs easy. You can just re-coat your roof with a new can of the coating. Even homeowners in Guelph can do this simple task without professional help, too.

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