It’s affordable and it looks interesting to use. When you first saw it offered from online marketplaces, you’re still shocked yet curious as to why it’s more affordable than local brands. After all, it’s an imported roofing material.

However, as local Guelph roofers, we highly advise against buying online-sold roofing materials. Truthfully, they seem like excellent patches for your roof’s poor condition during this period of isolation. Then again, easier, temporary, yet more effective solutions exist as well. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t push through with your plans to purchase digital-marketplace sold roofing materials.

Subpar Quality

Digital marketplaces are full of scammers and third-party manufactures. While it’s safe to purchase a desk decor or curtain set from sellers, you won’t want to jeopardize your roof just for the same of saving more money. Quality is paramount when it comes to property development materials, which includes your roof.

When you purchase roofing materials from online sellers, it’s possible the roofing material is incompatible with your existing one. Its shape might be off in many places. Furthermore, some sellers inaccurately cut or measure its dimensions. In all honesty, you’re taking a huge gamble buying sub-par roofing materials from these sellers.

Untested and Unproven

Local roofing material manufacturers built their brand based on trust and dependability. Therefore, it’s better to use their roofing materials rather than third-party online manufacturers. Even if you search for reviews about their materials, you won’t find any except those found in your digital marketplace.

In doing so, you’re using an untested and unproven roofing material. You might install it properly and without issues. However, you’ll end up likely replacing it once again because its lifespan and durability are less than what you thought it can reach.

No Recourse For Poor Products

Poor roofing products are always abound with online sellers. You might get great cosmetics when the material arrives — it even looks the same as the picture. However, your replacement roofing material has lost its sheen in no time.

At this point, you’re seeking a refund, but you’ll need to take care of the ship-back costs to allow manufacturers to inspect and then send you a replacement. If you go through this process, your expenses will have skyrocketed to that of a full-fledged, top-class local roofing material.

No Roofer Will Want to Install It

Lastly, no Guelph roofer will offer to install your unknown roofing material. Roofers have undergone extensive professional training and education to provide homeowner with the service they need. However, roofers can only achieve top-notch roofing if they’re using high-quality roofing materials they’re certified to install. The roofer certification process happens for this exact reason.

Therefore, because they’re not certified to install your online roofing material, no roofer will want to touch it. You’ll be forced to install it on your own. However, keep in mind that installations make up 80% of the durability and performance of roofs.

We highly advise you to use local roofing materials and top-notch roofers for the task. If you have yet to find dependable roofers, you can always count on us at Turbo Roofing. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can achieve with you.