During this period of self-isolation in Guelph, let’s talk about something other than roofing. We’ve shown you that your roof can outlast the quarantine period, especially if you’ve undergone the following we’ve listed here. Right now, you need to focus on yourself; the real battle is inside every resident and individual in Guelph during these trying times.

The best way to keep your mental and physical health in good shape is to remain active and productive at all times. Here are a few things you can do inside your home or room to keep yourself positive, and trust us when we say that your roof is the last thing you should worry about for now.

Work on a New Life Skill

As much as it is a beneficial and life-improving skill, professional roofing is dangerous and can leave you with injuries and high expenses. It’s better to work on new life skills that you can learn safely with enough room for trial and error. Learning cooking, playing a new instrument, drawing, personality improvements, gardening, carpentry, and others can help you get through the quarantine season and keep you in a positive light.

Do The Things You Love

If you’ve been busy professionally throughout the time before the self-isolation period started, it’s time to catch up on things that you love. Read that book you’ve been putting off already for so long. Play that game and explore a whole new world now that you have much more time. Train in strength or endurance now that you’ve more hours and need the endorphins. Do the things you loved doing but work got in the way — because now, you have all the time and you need them the most today.

Catch Up and Talk With People Who Live With You

Professional lives can take so much time from building and cultivating relationships with people who live with you, family or friends. Now, with more time, and because you’re in isolation with them, you can spend more time and enjoy activities with them. Join your child for a game. Prepare and cook dinner for your significant other in the best way possible. Catch up and talk because it prevents the feeling of isolation and negativity despite the conditions outside your home.

Acknowledge Your Fearful Feelings During Quarantine as Valid

Most people strengthen themselves by giving into toxic positivity — a motivation that they root into false truths. It’s better to acknowledge your feelings during quarantine as valid. Confirm that you feel scared, afraid, and alone during these trying times. However, allow yourself to feel, but create concrete plans later to help you alleviate it and maintain a positive and motivated outlook in life.

Reduce Social Media and News Consumption

Lastly, stop comparing the level of activities and achievements you have with others. Social media is one way to unconsciously compare your activities with friends, families, and public figures. Everyone, including Guelph roofers, are doing their best to cope with the current events, and it’s alright whichever you are doing to get by daily.

Once the virus settles down and the world returns to its former state, make sure to have your roof checked by professional roofers, such as us at Turbo Roofing. But for now, hang in there, and make sure to stay active and productive while acknowledging your feelings!