Insulating your Guelph property is one of the best money-saving steps you can take to preserve your home and improve internal temperatures during summer and winter seasons. Unfortunately, many insulation issues come from your attic, which is associated with your roofing materials.

It’s easy to blame many of your property’s insulation problems on your roof. Truthfully, it absorbs and reflects most of the sun’s UV rays. However, the roof isn’t the only source of insulation problems in your property. Learn more about it below.

The Roof Covers a Majority of Insulation, But Not All Of It

A majority of insulation problems come from your roof. However, it doesn’t mean it’s the only area you should inspect. Your attic can have air leaks due to roofing underlayment damages and potential leak areas. Further inspection by using top-tier Guelph roofers will help you reveal these issues in no time.

Once the professionals have plugged up the problematic zones in your attic, they’ll go over your roofing materials and check for potential compromises. If they find zero damages and properly addressed minor issues they’ve found, your roof insulation problems may have become better. However, it pays to check the next items on this list too.

Air Leaks Can Happen In Your Basement

Unfinished basements and crawl spaces are potential air-leak zones. Usually, you’ll find the cement-wood contact points to introduce hue air drafts into your property. Adding insulation in the form of caulk will seal up your property and improve internal room temperatures.

Before applying to caulk, make sure to consult with home construction specialists if you have foundational problems. Loose cement-wood contact points in your basements and crawlspaces are indicative of improper installation that can lead to considerable damages to your property in the future.

Your Wall Insulation Material Integrity Has Failed

Mattresses and other insulation material sealed inside your floor and wallboards might have failed to introduce better insulation to your property. These aged soft materials improve sound and temperature insulation by slowing down the passage of air and sound molecules to your property.

Due to age, thinned mattresses and acoustic batts will underperform in slowing down the passage of outside energies into your property. It might not be affordable to replace them, but you will get better insulation for your property if you do so.

You Recently Suffered Siding Damage

Roof siding plays a minor role in improving property insulation. However, if it suffers any form of external damage, it can let a higher level of outside elements in the property. Siding is additional material that beautifies and helps slow down the passage of sound and temperature into your property.

Window and Door Frames Have No Insulating Capacity

Double-glazed windows help in reducing sound and outside temperature permeation into the house. Additionally, rubber frame seals for both windows and doors can upgrade your residential insulation hugely. Make sure to work with home improvement specialists to install these improvements to ensure that your property receives excellent insulation.

If you have yet to find an excellent roofer in your area that can take care of your roofing insulation problems, you can always count on us at Turbo Roofing for all your needs. Contact us today!