It’s troubling to think about your roof, especially when your trusty Guelph roofers can’t get to repair your roof because of the ongoing quarantine and economic closure. However, you won’t need to worry too much about your roof. It’s still in good condition.

If you can get up a ladder and maintain your balance on your roof, observe your asphalt shingles or roofing materials. Then, once you confirm everything in this list, you can say that you have a roof that can last two years without maintenance.

Your Shingles Are Just a Bit Dirty and No Other Problems

Dirt is a normal occurrence on roofs. However, if you’re not seeing moss and algae growing on your roof, you still have a roof that can perform effectively. Curled, missing, or cracked materials are signs that your roofing material is growing weaker.

However, in their absence, you’re in the clear when it comes to your roofing condition. On the other hand, make sure to check on your roof’s condition regularly even after quarantine to ascertain its condition.

Slight Wear and Tear Around Roof Objects

Diminishing wear and tear is present in almost any roof. However, if you just notice a slight difference, then its normal. Most roofs show destructive wear and tear that have become huge problems by passing the age of 5-8 years in service. If your roof is younger than these ages, then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Of course, it’s better to have Guelph roofing professionals look after your roof when possible. In doing so, they can nip budding problems in the bud, saving you so much money and time from repairs and replacements.

Roof Hose-Down Does Not Indicate Any Problematic Roofing Punctures and Issues

Hosing down your roof is one of the best solutions for detecting roofing leaks, punctures, and underlayment damages. Often, homeowners in Guelph will use their garden hoses to clean their roofs and rid it of algae and debris. If no one inside the house detects any leaks or notes any discoloration of internal ceilings, then your roof is in the clear.

However, you won’t need the hose test to detect roof leaks right after a hailstorm. If the melted ice leaks into your attic, you need repairs. We also hope no hailstorm passes through Guelph in these trying times.

No Notable Sagging From Your Decking and Rafters

Deckings and rafters can sag after decades of holding up your roof. However, for properties less than ten years old, you’ll find these symptoms absent. If you’d like to be sure, hold a straight edge next to your rafters. If you note any curves and wobbles, then it’s likely in need of repairs. On the other hand, despite sagging, it can still withstand the remaining weeks of the quarantine period.

No Outside Light Presence Inside Your Attic

If you’re not seeing any outside light penetrating your attic, it’s still in the clear. This clear indication shows that your roof has suffered massive damages, which can affect your internal property insulation.

Property Utilities Haven’t Increased In The Last Billing

Some attic penetration and holes might never be visible. However, if you’ve noticed your utility bills increasing despite stable commodity prices, then you might have a problematic roof. Luckily, bills aren’t really huge problems for now. But, once the quarantine is over, make sure to contact trustworthy roofers, such as Turbo Roofing, to help you sort these problems immediately.