You’ve probably seen it done on YouTube. Truthfully, you’ve seen a neighbor from three blocks away painting over their asphalt shingle roof. Most Guelph homeowners might find it fascinating and possibly beneficial to paint over an asphalt shingle roof. However, you’ll need to consider a few other things before finalizing your asphalt roof-painting decision.

Here are five points to consider when painting your asphalt shingle roof. Each point shows you a bird-eye-view on some caveats you’ll receive and the painting alternative’s efficient points.

It’s Possible to Paint Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

You can paint your asphalt shingle roof. You’ll need to use a matte-finish acrylic elastomeric paint to avoid giving it a flashy, glossy look. Furthermore, it’s best to paint on an asphalt shingle roof that has minimal wear and tear. In doing so, you can use the specially-formulated protective paint to bond asphalt granules together.

It’s possible to paint your asphalt shingle roof. However, make sure to do this during the summer or dry seasons. Doing so allows the paint to dry efficiently, guaranteeing exceptional roof integrity reinforcement for less.

Re-Roofing is Expensive

Truthfully, painting over your asphalt shingle roof is much cheaper than re-roofing. A Guelph roofer re-roofing estimate might look like a fortune when you compare asphalt roof painting, which reinforces and provides an additional layer of protection on your asphalt shingles.

Furthermore, spray polyurethane foam roofs, which are gaining fame nowadays thanks to the convenience and fast installations, function similarly to asphalt shingle roof painting. However, the closed-cell foam material is much more efficient when you compare it to your acrylic coating.

A Potential Lifespan Extender

Fresh asphalt shingle roofs benefit highly from acrylic elastomeric coating because it can maintain its integrity with an added protective coating. Acrylic elastomeric coats provide a seamless, leak-free layer that reflects sunlight and drives rainwater straight to the gutters.

Additionally, a new asphalt shingle roof with acrylic coating has potentially a higher lifespan than uncoated ones. On the other hand, it might seem a poor aesthetic decision to paint over freshly-installed asphalt shingles, yet it is the most practical way to go. Loose granules in old asphalt shingle roofs will fragment the acrylic elastomeric coating quickly.

Guaranteed Results and Lifespan vs. Affordable Roofing Reinforcement

We highly advise having re-roofing for properties rather than painting over old asphalt shingles. While we stand to benefit as roofers, homeowners benefit from a guaranteed and estimable lifespan and durability from freshly-installed asphalt shingle roofs.

Acrylic elastomeric-coated asphalt shingle roofs can extend the material’s capability. However, you’re left with a roof that has an unpredictable lifetime. Therefore, we highly advise it as a fix for aging and problematic roofs in situations there are no roofers available for a specific period.

Potential Warranty and Insurance Issues

Lastly, painting over your asphalt shingle roofs might result in voided warranties and insurance policies. Consult with your manufacturer or insurance provider to learn if the acrylic elastomeric coating is equivalent to losing your roofing warranties and benefits.

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