It’s easy to consider replacing your roofing material whenever possible. After all, so many hardware suppliers can quickly provide you with a brand new asphalt shingle or slate tile roof even on short notice. Better yet, Guelph roofers with long-term experience handling roofing installations are always on standby and ready to help you at any time.

However, roof trusses are parts of your attic that tend to be overlooked. This is greatly problematic because if they fail to operate properly, your roof can collapse along with the entire property. Here is everything you need to know about roof trusses and if it’s time to have them replaced.

What Are Roofing Trusses?

Your roof trusses function similar to your roofing structural frames. However, they reinforce the foundations and stabilizing points of your roofing material to prevent it from collapsing in the near future. They’re made from high-quality lumber and sometimes have a steel truss reinforcement to support heavier roofing material.

They also have different types, which include the following:


A fairly-common but very popular roofing truss, king trusses have great durability and long-term service. They’re fairly priced as well making them almost existent in any Guelph property.


The Fink trusses have succeeded the queen’s twin vertical triangles that support the roofing structure for heavier roofing loads. It was a great alternative to the king truss a few decades ago.


These trusses can deliver exceptional roofing material support than the Queen because of its pronounced “W” shape between each chord.

Double Pitch Profile Truss

While it sees much use with commercial properties, the double pitch profile is widely used in residential properties for its massive weight-bearing capabilities.

When Do You Need New Roofing Trusses?

When You’re Changing To a Heavier Roofing Material

If you’re going from asphalt shingle roofs to slate tiles, you can definitely expect a massive difference in mass, weight, and weight distribution. Switching to heavier roofing materials make it imperative to have a roofing truss update. Doing so won’t just help you get brand new trusses that can last longer but give you better support for your slate tiles (which last for more than a century) too!

Old Ones Have Deteriorated Past The Point of No Return

Similar to your roof underlayments, roof trusses can deteriorate over time. In fact, when it starts to deteriorate, it’s best to observe other wooden and lumber-based parts of your property’s foundations. It’s greatly possible you might need to replace them to ensure the longevity and lifespan of your property. If you’ve seen termite-eaten trusses and wooden parts, make sure to have these replaced before you start with your new roofing construction.

You’re Planning to Re-Sell Your Property

It’s possible to sell properties at a lower price without repairing or replacing your roofing truss. However, if you’d like to sell it higher than the value you purchased it and beyond, you’ll need to replace them with the help of reliable Guelph roofers and lumber suppliers.

If you have yet to find a reliable roofer, you can count on our decades of experience that guarantee exceptional roofing solutions here at Turbo Roofing. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!