Asphalt shingle roofs have been with Guelph homeowners for more than four decades. These exceptional petroleum-based roofing materials repel water and provide exceptional property protection. They’re worth your investment, especially if you’re looking for perfect roof replacement materials.

However, there are much better alternatives than asphalt shingle roofs for long term roofing. Metal and clay tile roofing delivers top-notch roofing results. Homeowners still use asphalt shingles — and they will never grow old — for the following reasons.

They’re Affordable

An asphalt shingle roof is about 40-60% less than the price of metal or clay tile roofing. Truthfully, these two roofing materials outperform asphalt shingle roofs when it comes to lifespan and durability. However, they cannot beat the price of asphalt shingle roofs.

For homeowners building their properties from scratch, an asphalt shingle roof is an excellent choice when cost reduction is a priority. Furthermore, this allows them to change their roofing materials conveniently in the next 30 years without worrying whether they’ve maximized their roofing material’s capacity.

Exceptional and Timeless Curb Appeal

Asphalt shingle roofs have exceptional curb appeal. Even if they’re one of the most affordable materials available in the market, they symbolize the average Western home. Even middle-tier properties use asphalt shingle roofs because of their earthen look and easy recognition from the curb.

Truthfully, an asphalt shingle roof will remain exceptional and timeless. Home remodelers use asphalt shingle roof replacements extensively if they want to increase a property’s value above the local market. Unless your property is within a village of luxurious architecture and materials, asphalt shingle roofs can do the job.

Easy to Install and Replace

We do not recommend homeowners perform DIY roofing repairs. However, if they needed immediate emergency repairs, asphalt shingle roofs are the easiest to repair and replace. You’ll only need a pry bar, some roofing nails, and a bundle of extra asphalt shingles to repair any faulty roof without problems.

However, asphalt roof repairs might indeed be problematic if done by homeowners. Therefore, it’s better to ask Guelph roofers, such as Turbo Roofing, to perform the repairs and replacements to save time and avoid errors.

Perfect for Short-Term Roofing

Short-term roofing is not in-demand, but homeowners planning to move within a few decades to new cities will appreciate asphalt shingle roof’s limited lifespan of 25-30 years. With excellent roofing materials, you’ll have to use them for more than 50-70 years to maximize their lifespan.

Asphalt shingle roofs make it easier for landlords to remove and replace them with new sets when refurbishing their property for the next tenant.

Predictable Lifespan

Asphalt shingle roofs have a predictable lifespan of 20-30 years. Symptoms for repair and replacement appear within 20 years of protecting properties. In doing so, homeowners can save up for a new roof and avoid sudden financial commitments with an easy-to-predict roofing lifespan thanks to asphalt shingle roofs.

If you have yet to find a trustworthy roofing company to help improve your roof’s lifespan, you won’t need to look far. You can count on Turbo Roofing for all your Guelph roofing needs. Contact us today!