The quarantine period has no determined possible end period. For this reason, homeowners need to remain productive and make their roof the least of their worries. However, if you find significant symptoms indicating malfunctions and problems on your roof, you can trust that online consultations can accomplish so much for you.

Reliable Guelph roofers, such as Turbo Roofing, are offering free online roofing consultations for homeowners across the area. If it feels strange to remotely consult with roofers, it works because of the following.

Your Roofing Contractors Have Long-Term Experience

Guelph roofers, such as us at Turbo Roofing, have decades of experience with their industry. They have the best set of equipment necessary for accomplishing roofing tasks. Furthermore, they have a long timeline of projects that will have similarities with your roofing issues. In doing so, your roofers can provide you a solution quickly.

While they cannot head to your home because of the imposed quarantine, their advice will help you assess your roof’s condition with exceptional efficiency.

Smartphone Cameras Are Sharper Than Ever

All Guelph roofers you consult will ask you to show them your roof. You might need a ladder to head up at the edge of your roof slope. Thanks to the sharpness of smartphone cameras nowadays, it’s easy to take photos or even capture live footage of your roof’s condition while having roofing consultation. In doing so, your roofer can ask you to check on areas they will observe if they were personally in your property.

Photographs of prime and common trouble spots are enough for experienced and top-level roofers, such as us at Turbo Roofing.

You Can DIY Certain Areas of Your Roof (For Now)

After the consultation, your roofer can advise you on which roofing problems you can repair by yourself. Often, they will recommend a set of equipment, materials, and other necessities you need to proceed with your DIY repairs. Furthermore, they’ll even give you reference videos or documents to perform them.

The best thing about this is the consultation gives you a scope of repairs. Most homeowners dive into DIY roofing, trying to fix everything they can. As a result, they end up with a roof in worse condition than before. Having your own scope of repairs may not fix everything wrong with your roof, but it can make it better consequently.

Guaranteed Servicing Schedule

Lastly, when you have online roofing consultations, they’ve not only noted the problems of your roof. They guarantee you have a servicing schedule ahead of the quarantine period. Once all roofing businesses gain clearance to provide their services once again, you can be sure they’ll be right at your doorstep on the scheduled day.

It can be challenging to get roofers after the quarantine period. With many people having online consultations and reserved slots, it can take a while to clear a schedule for you after the quarantine is over.

If you have yet to find a dependable roofer in Guelph, you can always count on Turbo Roofing’s ability to provide you with top-quality roofing solutions. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you today.